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    I am posting this thread after speaking to Moderators about a very serious issue and breach of protocol and CR rules.

    I address this post directly to Zeeskite/JF or whomever else you choose to call yourself. I have forwarded the email you sent me directly to the YW moderators as I did the last one. I don’t take kindly to anyone stalking me. It is a Federal Offense!!

    I am going to say this one time and one time only so I want to be very clear and concise. As much as I support I too have supporters and friends who also don’t take kindly to anyone who would even attempt to scare or threaten me. And as much as you are a computer wiz and cyber geek, you are NOT the only one who knows how to research and investigate. It is very easy for the AUTHORITIES to trace your IP Adress just as easily as it is for the moderators to do so.

    I believe that you are a desperate individual who doesn’t have many friends in the real world and truly is looking for some sense of belonging and some connections. This is NOT the way to go about it. If you want to be part of a group, such as the one here on the CR, then you need to understand what others do and that is HOW to FOLLOW the rules and guidelines set up for very good reason. If you want to have a sense of kinship with others here in the CR then you would have to begin by being Honest and Real. Of course JF you can’t use your real name, but you can choose a name and stick to it instead of making up multiple names to fit your multiple personalities. And instead of wrecking havoc here on the CR, why not use it as a tool to get the serious help that you need. Honestly, no one will judge you for admitted that you have issues and you need help. However, WE will judge you for hurting others, stalking people and causing havoc and problems in our lives. I left the CR because of you and others like you.

    I didn’t appreciate you tracking me down to ask mechila Erev Rosh Hashana. I didn’t buy it then, and I forwarded your email to the moderators then and told them to let you know that I was Moichel you but didn’t appreciate you stalking me, so you should leave me alone. Now you did it again asking me to communicate privately with you to help a relative of yours. If you try to contact me again, I will use my connections and go to the Authorities. I hope I have made it crystal clear. I also have no intention of debating this with you or anyone else. I leave the rest up to the moderators.

    From: [email protected]

    Hello, Aries. Long time no see (the REAL CR).

    Are you willing to discuss a sad case of my close relative, by private email?

    ZK (I’m sure you remember that silly character)

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