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    Who has a funny story of someone being drunk on purim?



    My friend got so drunk he got into his car and killed three pedestrians oh wow was that a riot!



    The Goq: I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but i hope you’re not serious. that’s terrible! was your friend injured?



    It was all in jest but with a point there are serious consequences to getting drunk, high or buzzed, Baruch Hashem I have no friend who drove while intoxicated.



    Sometimes there can be serious consequences. And sometimes people wind up somewhere and don’t know how they got there



    by my purim seuda someone brought my uncle mayim acharonim in a shnapps glass because he couldn’t find the regular mayim acharonim and my uncle drank it!!!! we could not stop laughing



    One year three of my brothers-in-law decided to have a competition at the seuda who could get drunk the first! It was really funny coz my two older brothers-in-law bullied the younger one into getting drunk first – they kept filling up his cup and convincing him to drink it, while they didn’t touch their cups! He got quite drunk and could not stop giggling, so my sister (his wife) stopped the “competition’ there, before he could get really drunk!



    The answer to the opening poster’s question is: “So far, nobody.”

    But The Goq had a helpful response. Would it be funny if the pedestrians were all kids going to school? Pregnant women? YWN editors? The Goq? nfgo3?


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I thought Goq was making the point that there is nothing really funny about being drunk. Knowing Goq, I am sure he wasn’t trying to be funny. Right bud?



    Right on Syag (and btw nice to see you are still around) losing control of oneself to alcohol and or drugs can cause a lot of very serious problems if you wish to harm yourself that is your choice (but a poor one) but when u get drunk/drugged and harm others that is irresponsible and the consequences could be the worst hangover you will ever have.


    YW Moderator-100


    there are tso types of drunk people the funny andf yhe disgusting. b”H besides the latter i have met some funny ones too many to count



    As far as I understand, the inyan of drinking on Purim is to be happy, not funny.

    Who says you have to be funny to be happy?

    There are many posters here who seem happy, but are clearly not funny, certainly not intentionally.

    BTW, I can say that I don’t know of anyone who drove on Purim after drinking enough alchahol that would impair their abilities ( we all had to read the tables in the permit books).

    I am not saying it doesn’t happen. Even not on Purim, but I have never observed it, and I have observed much drinking.




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