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    Fugitive (deduction) [Playable with tokens to mark eliminated numbers if you’re willing to forgo detailed notes.]


    Crazy Cereal (children’s game involving light-up spoons with which the players pick up plastic cereal pieces)

    On the escape-room-in-a-box side:
    EXIT: The Game (series) [tearing/writing]
    Escape Room: The Game [electronics/tearing/writing]
    Unlock! (series) [app]
    (Deckscape is playable on Shabbos. ThinkFun’s Escape the Room (series) might be playable
    on Shabbos – if so, it would require pre-opening of the envelopes/packaging.)


    Tapple [electronic device]
    Stop Thief! [app]
    WereWords [app] (Insider is a good substitute)
    Fast Food Fear [timer]
    Kitchen Rush [timers]
    Halli Galli [unless you use something other than the bell it comes with to prove you reacted fastest]
    Banned Words [writing]
    CrossTalk [writing]
    Downforce* [writing]

    As it turns out, Fury of Dracula, despite being a hidden-movement game, doesn’t involve writing.

    *A downwards thrust created by the aerodynamic characteristics of a car.


    Amis Cube [unless you use something other than the included bell to prove you finished building first]


    Coin Age (free to print and play) [actual coins are used as pieces – realistic toy coins can be substituted]
    Whitehall Mystery [writing – it’s hidden-movement]
    //CODE: Rover Control (solitaire puzzle-set by ThinkFun) [writing, although you can
    avoid the need to write if you happen to have some red, blue, and green sticks]


    Paramedics Clear! [timer app]
    First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet [app]
    A Tale of Pirates [app]
    Meeple Circus [timer/app, app a necessity for certain components]
    Wartime: Battle of Valyance Vale [includes use of timers as pieces]
    TAMSK [includes use of timers as pieces]
    Monster Trap [timed]
    When I Dream [timed]
    Time’s Up! / charades games in general [timed]
    SteamRollers [writing]
    Harvest Dice [writing]
    Noch Mal! [writing]
    The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game [writing]
    Qwixx or Qwixx: Das Kartenspiel (The Card Game) [writing]
    Qwinto or Qwinto: Das Kartenspiel (The Card Game) [writing]
    Qwingo [writing]
    Picassimo [drawing]
    Doodle Rush [drawing]
    Scribble Time [drawing]
    Really Bad Art [drawing]
    Sixes [writing]
    One Night Ultimate Alien [app]
    Waldschattenspiel (aka Shadows in the Woods) [involves a lit candle]
    Brick Party [timer (and Lego-like building)]
    Speed Colors [coloring]
    5-Minute Dungeon [timed (pausable timer needed if using one character)]
    Geisteruhr [battery-operated]


    [I guess I should update Kitchen Rush and Time ‘n’ Space
    to “timers for pieces.” A Tale of Pirates also does that.]
    Mask of Moai [modeling clay, app]
    Mask of the Pharoah – see Mask of Anubis
    Wordsy [writing, timer]
    Arboretum [Final scoring can be a pain without writing]
    Fantasy Realms [Final scoring can be a pain without writing]
    Ex Libris [Final scoring can be a pain without writing]
    Rising 5 – Runes of Asteros [app] (It’s playable with a non-playing person
    instead of the app, but who really wants to be a game component if you
    don’t get to wear a silly costume and stand on an oversized gameboard?)
    SteamRollers – [writing]
    Whitehall Mystery [writing]
    First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet [app]
    Planet Surprise [scratch-off (each set of cards can only be played once)]
    Shop ‘N Time [app]
    Zombie Slam [app]
    Hearing Things [battery-powered noise-generating headphones]
    Blast Box [involves popping balloons]

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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