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    Fugitive (deduction) [Playable with tokens to mark eliminated numbers if you’re willing to forgo detailed notes.]


    Crazy Cereal (children’s game involving light-up spoons with which the players pick up plastic cereal pieces)

    On the escape-room-in-a-box side:
    EXIT: The Game (series) [tearing/writing]
    Escape Room: The Game [electronics/tearing/writing]
    Unlock! (series) [app]
    (Deckscape is playable on Shabbos. ThinkFun’s Escape the Room (series) might be playable
    on Shabbos – if so, it would require pre-opening of the envelopes/packaging.)


    Tapple [electronic device]
    Stop Thief! [app]
    WereWords [app] (Insider is a good substitute)
    Fast Food Fear [timer]
    Kitchen Rush [timers]
    Halli Galli [unless you use something other than the bell it comes with to prove you reacted fastest]
    Banned Words [writing]
    CrossTalk [writing]
    Downforce* [writing]

    As it turns out, Fury of Dracula, despite being a hidden-movement game, doesn’t involve writing.

    *A downwards thrust created by the aerodynamic characteristics of a car.


    Amis Cube [unless you use something other than the included bell to prove you finished building first]


    Coin Age (free to print and play) [actual coins are used as pieces – realistic toy coins can be substituted]
    Whitehall Mystery [writing – it’s hidden-movement]
    //CODE: Rover Control (solitaire puzzle-set by ThinkFun) [writing, although you can
    avoid the need to write if you happen to have some red, blue, and green sticks]


    Paramedics Clear! [timer app]
    First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet [app]
    A Tale of Pirates [app]
    Meeple Circus [timer/app, app a necessity for certain components]
    Wartime: Battle of Valyance Vale [includes use of timers as pieces]
    TAMSK [includes use of timers as pieces]
    Monster Trap [timed]
    When I Dream [timed]
    Time’s Up! / charades games in general [timed]
    SteamRollers [writing]
    Harvest Dice [writing]
    Noch Mal! [writing]
    The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game [writing]
    Qwixx or Qwixx: Das Kartenspiel (The Card Game) [writing]
    Qwinto or Qwinto: Das Kartenspiel (The Card Game) [writing]
    Qwingo [writing]
    Picassimo [drawing]
    Doodle Rush [drawing]
    Scribble Time [drawing]
    Really Bad Art [drawing]
    Sixes [writing]
    One Night Ultimate Alien [app]
    Waldschattenspiel (aka Shadows in the Woods) [involves a lit candle]
    Brick Party [timer (and Lego-like building)]
    Speed Colors [coloring]
    5-Minute Dungeon [timed (pausable timer needed if using one character)]
    Geisteruhr [battery-operated]


    [I guess I should update Kitchen Rush and Time ‘n’ Space
    to “timers for pieces.” A Tale of Pirates also does that.]
    Mask of Moai [modeling clay, app]
    Mask of the Pharoah – see Mask of Anubis
    Wordsy [writing, timer]
    Arboretum [Final scoring can be a pain without writing]
    Fantasy Realms [Final scoring can be a pain without writing]
    Ex Libris [Final scoring can be a pain without writing]
    Rising 5 – Runes of Asteros [app] (It’s playable with a non-playing person
    instead of the app, but who really wants to be a game component if you
    don’t get to wear a silly costume and stand on an oversized gameboard?)
    SteamRollers – [writing]
    Whitehall Mystery [writing]
    First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet [app]
    Planet Surprise [scratch-off (each set of cards can only be played once)]
    Shop ‘N Time [app]
    Zombie Slam [app]
    Hearing Things [battery-powered noise-generating headphones]
    Blast Box [involves popping balloons]


    (Crazy Cereal cannot be played without the spoons lighting up,
    as they determine what pieces players are allowed to pick up.)


    A new version of Shadows in the Woods has been released by ThinkFun (best known
    for their Rush Hour puzzle series). Per U.S. safety regulations, it includes an electronic
    lantern. The government can’t stop you from using a candle at home, but either way,
    it’s not suited for Shabbos.


    ClipCut Parks [Cutting – the game actually includes 4 pairs of scissors]

    Reb Eliezer

    I thnk monopoly is assur not because of money which is play money but it looks like doing business on shabbos.


    Is making a puzzle on shabbos permitted?
    Please give a source with your answer.

    Reb Eliezer

    knaidlach, do you mean putting together a jigsaw puzzle?


    laser tag


    Reb Eliezer, sorry, i dont know what JIGSAW means. i am asking about putting together pieces of a puzzle forming a picture.

    Reb Eliezer

    knaidlach, It’s called a Jigsaw puzzle so google jigsaw puzzle on shabbos. See MB SA O’CH 340,17 based on opening a sefer with letters on the side.


    Ten Candles (role-playing game) – the title is literal.


    (There’s a footnote in The Shabbos Home (vol. 1) which I need to go through regarding puzzles.)


    Regarding puzzles:

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