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    I imagine that many here will vehemently disagree with this post, so let me preface by saying that I’m speaking to those that are here because the site is called YESHIVA world news…

    Lipa’s new video seems to go against everything that Chanuka stands for. A woman putting on makeup? Lipa driving a Ferrari? It’s simply heart-rending.

    I hope and pray I am wrong, but looking at this video I’m wondering if Lipa will Ch”V go the way Matisyahu did…


    just me

    Oooh! I have to go check it out.



    Oooh! I have to go check it out.

    hee hee. exactly what I just did.


    just me

    The only one I found showed rebbes lighting Chanuka licht. It wasn’t complete. It looked very good.



    Uh oh.

    Uncovered elbows at 770*(1/10th of a second) into it.




    I for the most part have no problem with Lipa’s music in general, as he’s isn’t taking random Pasukim and technoing it up (cough cough 1/2 of today’s artists). But I have to admin that this video was wrong on so many levels. One tznius woman is fine. But shychas ferraris makeup etc to “I believe in miracles” never mind chanukah itself.

    Sorry Lipa, back to the drawing board.



    Lipa has been previously censored by the gedolim.

    Some are with the gedolei yisroel while others throw their lot with Lipa.


    i just searched for it and was happy to see that it was removed from many frum sites. There is even a non-tzniusdige lady being shown(sleeves above her elbows). this is by far not a “frum” video!



    Shraga “I’m wondering if Lipa will Ch”V go the way Matisyahu did”

    I think lipas amazing musical talent will help keep him on the derech.



    “Uncovered elbows at 770*(1/10th of a second) into it.”

    I froze the frame and I would not swear that it’s a real female.



    Looking at the video it looks like it’s geared to the kiruv/non yeshivish crowd. Not for the kollel guy in Lakewood.

    The elbow issue is for a very split second. You would have to freeze the frame and then maybe you would see it. I see no issue here at all. If you think this is an issue then I think you have much larger issues to deal with.



    Cherry: A male portraying a female (especially portraying her non-tzniusdikly) is just as terrible.



    “Uncovered elbows at 770*(1/10th of a second) into it.” What if anything does 770 and Chabad have to do with Lipa and his new video?


    Shraga18 I agree with you 100%. This isnt his first video to cross the line however. Hang up the phone was a disgrace and I was embarrassed when I first saw it.

    There is so much to say on this subject but I usually end up on rant when I start so I wont. But I must say anon577 that the kiruv excuse is the oldest in the book. Its just a lame excuse to make music that has no Torah or Jewish values. If he truly is meaning this for the non frum crowd then dont publicize it on Jewish websites or put it on your albums. Use it only for outreach and specify that it is not for the frum ears. The point is that hundreds of Jewish teens are attracted to his music and other music (I wonder why?) and for them the next step is non Jewish music unfortunately. I shudder to think of the amount of lost souls that are stacking up against these ‘Jewish’ singers who have led them astray by refusing to provide kosher music. I honestly feel bad for them.




    “If you think this is an issue then I think you have much larger issues to deal with.”

    There’s two possibilities here. Either we’re being overly fanatic, or you’re not being sensitive enough to a serious problem here. Many here seem to think the video was bad, so maybe some introspection is in order for you?


    I have never liked Lipa, and this reminds me why. The video is one problem but the music is truly aweful! And the lyrics don’t make sense either: “Am I an actor, a common factor, or a spiritual nuclear reactor”…. As we say round my neck of the woods, yerwhat?!



    Is sad that this is happening but lets take this as a lesson that the Rabbonim know more than we do and only made a ban for our good to protect us and our children. They saw almost 4 years ago already where he was headed. Unfortunately he is the type of guy that likes to push limits and I’m scared to see where he will be in 4 more years time.



    I wish that he would stop saying that he is doing all of this for the sake of Hashem.

    Its sad to see how he claims that all the stuff he is doing is only for the sake of Achdus and hashem, anyone that followed before he got popular knows that that he is in a downward spiral.

    What else will he do “to make people happy”?


    Dat elbow…



    i think that this time he crossed the red line……



    OP sharaga18 – ” let me preface by saying that I’m speaking to those that are here because the site is called YESHIVA world news…”

    Imagine if an OP asks on YWN: “Is rabbit meat more kosher or less kosher than bacon?”….wouldn’t that be inappropriate!

    The moshel and nimshal fits this thread.

    Those that are here surely follow Reb Moshe’s psak: Teshuvot Igrot Moshe 1:160.

    Although he writes that it is not required to follow the most stringent opinion of the Bach and the Magen Avraham, he regards the strict opinion of Rav Yosef Karo, which will follow below, to be normative.

    The Rema mentioned earlier follows Rashi and Tosfos:

    Second, they state that music that is played in the context of a mitzvah, such as at a wedding celebration, is entirely permissible. The Rambam (Hilchot Taaniot 5:14) similarly writes that it is permissible to play music of a religious nature. The origin of this exception dates back at least to the Geonic era, as Rav Hai Gaon espouses this approach. This exception is codified in the Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim 560:3) virtually uncontested.

    As stated, Reb Moshe paskens according to the strict opinion of Rav Yosef Karo.

    In any event, the OP is “speaking to those that are here because the site is called YESHIVA world news” who certainly adhere to Reb Moshe’s psak.

    We do NOT listen to ANY modern so-called “Jewish” music (except at a simcha). Certainly not music VIDEOS. They ALL do not conform with halacha.

    To question if some are more kosher or less kosher than others is like asking on the YWN if rabbit meat is more kosher than bacon!




    I’ve had the pleasure of producing a Lipa concert a few years ago. He is easy to work with and a mensch. He has genuine ahavas yisroel, and it isn’t limited to Boro Park, Monsey, and Lakewood.

    His music isn’t so much my cup of tea, but the earnest love for his fellow Jew that comes out in the songs and videos is crystal clear.

    All that being said, the woman putting on makeup for a half a second was dressed fine, preparing for a chanukah celebration. You see more challenging images than that walking out your front door.

    As for the Ferrari, I see the point. No one in these trying times gets much nachas from seeing someone driving such a car, and it is materialistic in a way that is the opposite of chanukah.

    Image is part of the character Lipa creates for his shows, and the sunglasses, the bekeshes, the whole get up is a part of it. But I agree the car goes beyond this.

    All this is beside the point, though. I think anon5577 is mostly right. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Lipa will still be an ehrliche yid long after this video is forgotten. If you have no more important things to be up in arms about, though, you need to rethink your priorities.



    From what I’ve seen on youtube, the new Believe in a Miracle video is a greater chillul Hashem than his others. I feel bad for our children who will be terribly influenced.



    The thing at the end with him and the puppet is just downright creepy.



    Distributing pritzus and being machshil Jewish children (and adults) is a terrible aveira.



    I used to joke that his album Lipa Baderech sounds pretty close to Leap Off The Derech. Maybe that’ll be his new album title.



    I think that it is better that he is showing his true colors. Since up until now his fans were arguing that he means it for Hashems sake and he understands hashem better than our Rabbanim.

    However he is now showing the surface of his true colors, as someone that knew him early on, I know that he is idolizes Female singers and he tries to imitate songs that are full of shmutz.

    He has no problem performing in a mixed dancing environment.

    I hope that he will now officially claim that he is on the ‘other side’.



    I agree wholeheartedly.

    Someone who cannot discern the type of music he is mired in, means that their senses too have been dulled. It take a lot of chipping away at the inner pintele Yid not the vomit at that disgusting work. When one has goyeshe noise constantly assaulting his neshamah then he’s is able to smirk and say “If you have no more important things .. you need to rethink your priorities.

    Yes, to Yiddishe Yidden it is important. As important as it was for the Rabbonim to voice their disapproval. It’s so sad to watch how this individual’s junk has made it into the “normal” simcha. How in the middle of a dance they start some kind of cacophonous – trance – dance, disgusting movements, horrible tunes (chant). They leave the choson, kallah, stand next to the band with the shameless (goyeshe) singer, all join for a revolting “twist”. What a downward spiral of the real stuff. What a way to start a new life?!?

    No, when Yuval was inventing instruments, he could not have imagined this.




    Yanky, Yanky!

    Rivky, Rivky!



    Zeeskite, I promise you, I’m not smirking. And as I said, his music isn’t my cup of tea. But it isn’t disgusting either, at least to me. But if it is to you, don’t watch. We have that amazing gift HKBH gave us, called bechira chofshis. maybe you want to use it, and let others do the same, instead of telling them how to think.

    If I don’t meet your definition of “Yiddishe Yidden”, I guess you’ve got more authority and holiness than the Eibishter, because I fit under his definition. But truly, you don’t define me. You don’t define Lipa. You are welcome, though, to define yourself.

    Here are a few priorities that I have, before I critique Lipa’s kedusha or lack thereof.

    Poverty in our community and beyond

    Disaster relief in our community and beyond

    Peace in Eretz Yisroel

    Strife between Yidden

    Educating my children, ensuring Jewish education for everyone

    taking care of the seniors in our community and beyond

    Learning whenever I can

    My concern about abuse in our community (personal now, since a recent arrest was a former teacher of mine)

    My job

    My health

    Then, maybe, I might have time to worry about Lipa, if I was so inclined. I guess we just have different priorities. But my senses are anything but dulled.



    I would like to hear from people who like this sort of thing why it is prefereable to Bach, Mozart or Beethoven, for example. I mean to ask if “jewish” music is really better for a Jew spiritually than a Mozart string quartet.


    Yussel “jewish” music today is not “jewish” anymore. very few are. But Bach, Mozart and Beethoven is 100% better to listen to then most of the “jewish” music garbage of today. That music is merely an art and it doesnt bring anyone down. Some Rabbanim are known to listen to classical music. It doesnt help that a Jew composed it as I said again and again…its what motivated them when they composed it.



    “Is rabbit meat more kosher or less kosher than bacon?” They are both treif. So is ALL the music out there according to the possek hador of America, Reb Moshe (Teshuvot Igrot Moshe 1:160).

    Why are some commentators trying to kasher the “bacon” while others feel that only “rabbit” meat is kosher.

    Either we keep halacha and it is all treif, or we don’t keep halacha, then all rules are off and everything is kosher.



    I’m glad at least Torah True leaders have thought it important enough. They’re concerned enough about the YID, the kedushas Yisroel, as they are about bein adam lachavero. All through the generations, our TRUE Gedolim were like that. ???? ??????? is not just something hypercritical to them. So they care about anything (however minor on your list) that’s contrary to our spiritual health.


    If you really dislike it, don’t give it free advertising. And whatever you do, don’t ban it.



    When the Gedolim shlit”a banned him last time, it forced him to cancel the event. We need more such decisive action.



    And whatever you do, don’t ban it.

    Great Advice…



    Iww.. GROSS. that video was totally disgusting!!

    Hashem please help your people!

    And if you dont understand what is terribly wrong about that video then may Hashem look after you and protect you……..




    “If you really dislike it, don’t give it free advertising. And whatever you do, don’t ban it.”

    If something hurts you you scream OUCH. The Rabbanim have an obligation to scream out when theres Tumah infecting our machaneh.


    zahavasdad – thanks.

    Anyway, it’s too late now.



    I think the ban comment went over peoples head, when you ban something , then everyone wants to see it.

    Look at making of a gadol, It was banned so everyone wants to read it, the only reason most havent is its hard to get. The song and video have been released on the internet, there is no way to put the cat back in the bag




    This is 60 times worse. Especially from what this song was originally. How can anybody even remotely consider starting their marriage like this?




    last year people were saying the YBC were committing a Chilul Hashem for being on TV and their video.




    I have no words….


    You have no right to judge Matisyahu. You do not know what he keeps and what he doesn’t

    He is as Jewish as you are.



    Does anyone know what ‘Acher’ used to hum?


    First, let’s be a little open-minded here. There is different types of music for everyone. Some people say MBD is goyish, only Regesh is allowed. I have personally heard many rabbanim speak out against blogging, yet here you are doing just that. I have never heard personally any Rav speak against Lipa. The fact that you are reading this, coupled with the fact you watched the video proves you are no tzaddik. Watch it or don’t, it’s a personal choice. Speaking loshon harah, that’s not one of the choices. The criticism appears to be low-self-esteem. BTW, I think the video is a little over the the top, basically jewish mtv. But that’s what Lipa is trying to do, constantly push the envelope. If you don’t like it, close your computer and open a hilchos lashon horah. A freilechen Chanukah (and Purim) to all. Pass the doughnuts!




    If you’d be truly open-minded, you’d understand what’s bothering the majority of Torah Jews. You have to be open-minded enough to sense the inherent tuma in that style, genre or whatever. You’ve never hear of any Rav speak against it? Really? Are you really open-minded?

    btw, hilchos lashon hora permits (even exaggerating), if I recall correctly. Someone who has a bad influence may be spoken about. Correct me if I’m wrong.



    Swimming: you are right that this is much worse, but these are unfortunately “rogue” singers/dancers at a wedding you’d be embarrassed to attend for many reasons. At a wedding like this you say b”h there was no mixed dancing. And I’m not trying to lessen the negative aspect of it, but let’s call a spade a spade. Enough said.



    it’s really easy to talk negatively about him.. instead of doing that , why you are not trying to be “mekarev” him if you think that he is “so lost”.

    im not saying i agree with him , but i just don’t understand the purpose of this thread.. because it won’t really help anyone in anyway…

    Freilichin Chanukah

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