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    If anyone has read a Jewish book that they enjoyed, please add to this list. Please write if it is a true story, fiction, historical etc. I’ll start:

    A daughter of Two Mothers by: Miriam Cohen (true story-best book I ever read)

    Behind the Wall by: Miriam Cohen (also true story-holocaust)

    The Ruach Ami series and the Strassbourg saga by: Avner Gold (Jewish historical fiction)

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    i just thought of a few more really good ones that i read:

    A promise fulfilled by: menachem kagan (i love this book. Jewish historical fiction)

    Miracle Ride by: Tzippi Caton (true story)

    Invisible me by: Tzippi Caton (fiction-pretty good)

    My life on wheels by shaindy perl (true story)

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    The Youngest Bride ( jewish historical fiction)

    Struggle to the Summit by Rivkah Zucker (true story)

    Captive Soul by Shoshana Schwartz (fiction)

    The Betrayal (jewish historical fiction-kuzar)

    anything by Marcus Lehmann (jewish historical fiction)

    Sun Inside Rain by M Bassra (fiction)

    Shadows on the Moon by Brocha Goykadosh (fiction)

    THe Scribe by Uri Raskin (fiction not high level,but very good)

    The Yellow Notebook by Devorah Rosen (fiction)

    Agains the Wall by Ruthie Pearlman (fiction)

    Dual Discovery (jewish historical fiction-yetzias mitzrayim)

    And Rachel was his Wife (jewish historical fiction-r’ Akiva’s wife)

    The Gordian Knot by Yair Weinstock (fiction)

    Race to the Top by Sarah Kisner (fiction)

    A New Song by Barbara Bensousson (fiction)

    Shortchanged (historical ficiton)

    Barriers by Ruth Arielli (fiction)

    Morning Star by Meir Uri Gottesman (fiction0

    Deep Blue by Meir uri Gottesman (fiction)

    Wings by Meir uri Gottesman (fiction0

    The Harp by Meir Uri Gottesman (ficiton)

    Pyramid Base by Eli Shekter (fiction)

    The Accused I and II by Mayer Bendett (fiction)

    Tomorrow May Be too LAte by Chaya Stavsky Rubin (historical fiction)

    White Ice by Devora Weiner (fiction)

    more coming…

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    wow thank you for the long list! did u read all of those?

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    Please scratch Rashi’s Daughters. They are an interesting read, but very (ahem) worldly and way to modern in attitude toward alternative lifestyles.

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    Try Daniel Silva and Alan Furst for decent thrillers and historical fiction.

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    bymeidel-yup i did… and more! do you want me to add to the list, or r u good for now?

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    let me summarize all jewish novels…man has simple job and learns in kolel at night. man gets involved in national intrigue involving the FBI CIA GSS KGB FSB SAS MI6 MI5 ASIS CSIS NSA Mossad DOD DGSE AIS and about 20 other intelligence agencies. man somehow magically knows launch codes for nuclear ICBMs. man is conflicted. rosh yeshiva arrives in the last minute. rosh yeshiva knows everything magically and tells kolel guy what to do. somehoe rosh yeshiva was privy to classified information that the president himself wasn’t privy to. crisis averted. THE END. now go to the brooklyn public library for some real literature.

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    Bombmaniac, you’re totally leaving out frum chick lit, the four friends books. (Always four friends, maybe symbolizing the four directions people head in.)

    There are some good writers. Meir Uri Gottesman, M. Bassra (Sun Inside Rain), and if you can handle the early translations, Marcus Lehman, for starters.

    There are some good books out there too, like Dual Discovery, The Stars Will Guide You (an early teen book, great reading), Shortchanged (and anything by that author) and more.

    Yes, it’s likely you’re going to come across some less than excellent writing, not to mention not enough to keep you busy, so you may want to augment your reading with secular stuff, but come on, unless you’re some intellectual you’ll have your own guilty pleasures from the public library, may as well get in some Judaica while reading too.

    And maybe, just maybe, someone out there will be moved to build a better literary mousetrap. We’re waiting.

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    bombmaniac- you left out- theres usually a kidnapping, and (gulp!)someone gets married at the end of the book…

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    ive read about every jewish novel written up to ~2006

    james patterson, david baldacci, john grisham, and sue grafton just appealed to me more…

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    Good news! I haven’t read enough of all the writers you mention but there are several frum Judaica writers who are definitely better than Grisham.

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    minyan gal

    I also recommend Dara Horn’s 3 novels:

    In the Image – winner of the Jewish Book Award

    The World To Come – winner of the Jewish Book Award

    All Other Nights

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    not to mention dan brown and james rollins…in addition to vince flynn and robert ludlum…and richard condon! rarely have i seen a book as well written as the Manchurian candidate! true it is not particularly realistic, but the flow the of story, the literary style, the vocabulary, the way he paints a picture of the scene with his words…sorry, the Jewish authors just don’t cut it for me…they’re good, for high school freshmen.

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    bombmaniac- im a similiar reader to you as most of your authors i read too:) in addition i like c.j. box and brad thor too.

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    bombaniac- i have already decided what kinds of books i want to read and all i asked for were suggestions for GOOD JEWISH books. i didnt ask u to tell me that u dont like jewish books. i have read many jewish books that i enjoyed much more than the ones by the authors u mentioned. they may be harder to find and that is why i am asking for suggestions. i personally do not enjoy reading about shmutz. The jewish books that i enjoy reading are not the mystery novels that you mentioned (which is actually 1 particular book) but true stories or historical fiction ones, i dont either like the novels, but i can go without reading novels to protect my nishama.

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    smile.e.face- those will probably keep me busy for a while. thanks so much! ill let you know when im done with those and you can update the list 🙂

    farrockgrandma- what is wrong with rashis daughters? i dont fully understand what you wrote

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    As the author of “Rashi’s Daughters,” I can tell you that some folks are put off by certain scenes, although there are only 2-3 in each novel and all are absolutely halachic, i.e. between a husband and wife. However there are at least 15 Talmud scenes in each book, so perhaps some may find those too worldly.

    I stand behind all my research, and while some of my charachers’ attitudes may appear modern, they are indeed authentic for the 11th century.

    Maggie Anton


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    yes, it was crosswalk by eli shekhtr i was describing, however that s the same basic template used for all jewish novels. oh, that and some kind of world war 2 nazi turncoat plot (double identity) throw in a twist of kabballah (gordian knot and blackout) and you have yourself an a la carte menu of toppings to choose from when constructing your average unoriginal weinstockesque novel. as for other novels such as those published by hamodia press, among others for women, which men do read, it invariably discusses someone who is having issues finding a shidduch or some such drivel…honestly if i wanted shidduch talk id read the CR. OH! lets not forget the high school drama! im sorry…no way…or lets take a book like windfall which could have been condensed into 5 pages and STILL have been too long…youre welcome to read these books, and i am welcome to criticize them (not you, them)

    however, with all my bashing of your preferences, i feel i should contribute in a meaningful way. the avner gold books are some of the best jewish books i have ever read. not only are they riveting and engaging but they are uncannily accurate as well. every man a slave was also a fascinating read. visions of greatness…while of questionable authenticity is inspiring and interesting as well if youre bored one shabbos afternoon.

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    The first 2/3 of The Gordian Knot showed exceptional potential.

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    Read The Making of a Gadol(the original version).

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    I have a list of jewish novels.

    True Identity

    Double identity

    The orphan part 1 & 2

    carers LTD

    Dark Tapestry

    The movement

    The gordion knot

    The link

    The accused part 1 & 2

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    these are all novels non fiction

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    tea party –

    carers LTD

    Dark Tapestry

    The movement

    The gordion knot

    The link

    none of these are non-fiction. I am not sure about the others.

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