BINGO! Supermarket In Boro Park Now Selling Shtreimels For $499; Are Sheitels And School Tuition Next? [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – VIDEO]



Some folks love Bingo, and some hate it.

Those who love it enjoy paying super low prices on their groceries, while those who hate it appear to be many local store-owners who have been severely impacted.

The massive 70,000 square foot store, located at 60th Street and 13th Avenue since November 2016, is huge and spacious, and targets the price conscious and the bulk buyers, especially the many large families in the area and beyond.

But soon after opening, Bingo began expanding into fields other then groceries. They sold Lulavim and Esrogim, they had a live Chicken center for Kapparos, they sold menorah accessories for Chanukah, and now – they are selling SHTREILMELS!

Not only have they branched into all these new fields, but when doing them, they have undercut any business that had been selling those items, effectively transforming the industries.

It appears that the Shtreimel operation is no different – as the price for a Shtreimel is $499. A cheap (“Raigen Shtreimel / Rain Shtreimel) costs around $1400, and a decent Shtreimel can cost anywhere from $2,500 to a whopping $5,500.

YWN spoke with the store manager, who identified himself as “Menachem Leibowitz”, about the latest developments and some other rumors swirling around about Bingo.

YWN: Why did Bingo go into other fields such as kapparos and now Shtreimels?

BINGO: Every field is our field.

YWN: How is the quality of the Bingo Streimels?

BINGO: High quality.

YWN: Where were they manufactured?

BINGO: In the United States.

YWN: So how can you sell them so cheap if it’s high quality?

BINGO: That is the secret of Bingo.

YWN: What’s next for Bingo? Plans to sell hats? Suits and ties? Fixing cars?

BINGO: That is the surprise of Bingo.

YWN: There have been rumors for months that Bingo was planning on opening stores in Lakewood and Monsey as well. Any truth to that rumor?

BINGO: Lakewood yes. Monsey no. We don’t have an opening date yet for Lakewood, but it will happen very soon.

Aryeh Baum and Avraham Moshe Margulies, owners of the successful “Osher Ad” chain in Israel, are the owners of Bingo. The popular Israeli supermarket chain is hoping to replicate its successful business model in America.

A video attached below shows dozens of people in the store on Monday trying on Shtreimels and customers walking out holding boxes with the ones they purchased.

Immediately after word spread on social media that the store began selling Shtreimels, funny jokes and memes began circulating. Some of them are posted below.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. I’m assuming these are “high quality” faux fur, not that the other sellers are ripping off customers. You can get synthetic sheitels for a fraction of the price of human hair as well.

  2. How much you wanna BET that they are made out of the Avoda Zara Indian hair and 1000% asur to wear? Like the Shaitel scandal.

    Wait and see.

  3. Year RIGHT.

    Made in the United States?

    What a L-I-A-R.

    No need for Bingo to fake news this like that. Just say where they were made: CHINA.

  4. All you guys can make fun all you want. Keep making choizik. I hope you’re happy with yourself.
    Unfortunately there are many Frum Yidden who have large mishpachos who struggle daily to make ends meet. A store like Bingo and Moishes serve a purpose. It is a tremendous help. We shop at these stores and others like it. No one is forcing you to shop there. Just stay at Pomegranate with the rich and famous, before you fly off to your new exotic Pesach vacation extravaganza. Instead of criticizing fellow Yidden, why don’t you increase your giving of Maos Chittim?

  5. Halevai you’re right about the sheitlach and the wedding hall. There are many of us who actually work for a living with no help from Uncle Sam or B”H Tzedokos and have to pay for these things ourselves. We truly appreciate being able to buy something decent without going broke. Just btw If you look you can get human hair sheitlach even cheaper than that. Some of us can’t afford to be picky about having only the best.
    Thank you bingo

  6. i was at the store earlier and i was shocked to see how really they all got grabbed off the shelf.
    I am not a myven on shtreimlech but they looked great on the people i saw trying them on.
    Kol Hakuvod for people who have the sense of grabbing a bargain when its there to get.
    Maybe next will have clothing and shoes for passover

  7. Its about time we arent getting ripped off by smaller stores! Of course smaller retailers will be upset yhey cant ripp anyone off anymore!

  8. No reason to be nostalgic about the demise of the “small heimeshe stores”.. As others hve noted, the Costco/Amazon effect has fundamentally changed the retail sector forever and these old dinosaurs which offered a limited selection at high prices will not be missed. Yes, ther will always be a niche market for smaller stores which offer specialized service or high quality items not available in the megastores like Bingo or online, but they will be the exception. In most cases, the children of those who owned these smaller stores don’t want to carry on the family business and many are getting collge degrees and looking for a real profession. Just think about all the empty retail stores that will now become available to open new Shtieblach.

  9. לא תעמוד על דם ריעך





  10. @fenster613 no one ripped u off! JUST LIKE U R TRYING TO MAKE $ SO R THEY. THEY HAVE TO FEED THEIR KIDS TOO!!!


  11. Holala. I never said they should close down there stores just lower the prices. Theres no reason certain items need to be marked the way they are. Competition is good For the buyers. I stand by what i said theres no reason to get ripped off. Some people need to eat chalav stam cause they cant afford it. BH! Theres a way for people to afford everything including meat.

  12. First comment ever. I recently got a wig in Lakewood for $575 (including cut). It’s just as nice as any of my other wigs for $1500+.
    I agree we need the option to get cheaper judaica, because not all of us need and can afford, the nicest brand. (And the manufacturers make a killing).

  13. @holala controlling the market and overpricing by that much is not called making an honest buck. And definitely cannot blame the ones that undercut them.

  14. Maybe other shtreimels are OVERPRICED? Maybe they should try selling hats, sheitels etc. How about silver leichter, bechers etc.

  15. What can I say? I am not impressed. They already wiped out the Parnassah of many Frum Yidden in Eretz Yisroel and they’re still not happy. Gotta come to the USA and wipe out more businesses. They have to make many millions more for themselves.

  16. If they are able to sell for five hundred what others sell for fourteen hundred, that’s too much a markup to justify. Bring on the competition!

  17. “…Its all bashert from himmel what a person should earn…”

    Agreed. The Wall Street Journal just reported that Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) “earned” (direct and indirect compensation and stock value increase) a modest $17.3 billion in 2017 by doing a Bingo on just about every retail sector. Even the most heimeshe yid can save hundreds/thousands of dollars a year by purchasing their needs for everything from seforim to toilet paper on Amazon. If the Ebeshter didin’t want us to same money and time by shopping online (and using that time for limud torah etc.) he wouldn’t have allowed Bezos to create Amazon Prime. The so-called small “heimeshe” markets are NOT entitled to a parnassah….they will survive if they offer superior service, and quality merchandise at a reasonable price along with innovative marketing shtiks (e.g. Thursday night chulent tastings). If not, they don’t deserve to exist in the modern retail world.

  18. If other stores want to complain about places like Bingo they should publish the markup on their products to show it’s reasonable. For years the markup on KLP food has been crazy, and the stores can’t hide that it’s crazy because customers can compare prices for KLP versus non-KLP food. Rabbonim told them to stop again and again and they don’t. Then they wonder why customers don’t trust them when a store like Bingo opens and all of a sudden they’re complaining they have to make a parnassah. Of course they have to make a parnassah, but are they making a parnassah or are they getting rich charging other Yidden hugely inflated prices?

  19. Firstly, “streimelACH”.
    Secondly, nasty nasty nasty quality…I’d rather wear my daughter’s pet duck to the Tisch.
    Thirdly, “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

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    (It helps to read something intelligent every once in awhile)

  20. @fenster613 not one grocery store is trying to rip u off. They r looking to make a loving. JUST LIKE US.

    Bingo wants to fool u and say that every grocery store can be his price.

  21. Again, the food business is not ripping us off.

    The only ones u can say r: the wigs streimels hats.


  22. Holala
    March 5, 2018 10:45 pm at 10:45 pm
    לא תעמוד על דם ריעך


    They’re coming after you , u better go hide in mamas basement. Just br careful not to trip over daddys 3000 dollar shreimel box.