Arab MK Warns of Armageddon


MK Talab el-Sana was with protestors outside the US Embassy in Tel Aviv on Thursday with protestors angered over the film released in the United States. El-Sana called for United Nations intervention, warning that if the international body does not act, “the situation will turn into Gog U’Magog”.

Seeking to inflame the protestors, who carried a blood-stained Israeli flag, he called the film Desert Warriors “an abomination” and “sacrilegious”. Not wishing to miss the opportunity, the Arab MK also blamed “Zionist elements” for their influence in such a film, for “encouraging Islamophobia”.

Sheikh Kamil Khatib, deputy of the Northern Islamic Movement added: “We cannot demand that the Israeli government punish the Israeli filmmakers, because the government itself is responsible for the desecration of mosques and for passing racists laws.”

MK Dr. Ahmed Tibi warned the reaction to the movie mustn’t be violent, adding murder is contrary to Islam. He too pointed a finger of blame at Israel for “fostering intolerance”.

The head of the Arab High Monitoring Committee in Israel stated the film was intended to spark violence and it was successful. He stated it will increase violence and incitement in the US, Israel and other countries. Like Tibi, he called for a non-violent response.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The hypocrisy is almost surreal. Here they are, in the one country in the entire Middle East that puts up with such talk, yapping about Israeli “intolerance.” — ?!? Let them try it anywhere else, and they’d disappear in a heartbeat.

  2. Let them try to protest in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc and they’ll disappear in a heartbeat.
    Their murderous behavior proves the film right, but they don’t seem to care about that.