Egypt Recalls Envoy In Israel Over Assault On Gaza


Egypt recalled its ambassador from Israel on Wednesday after Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip killed Hamas’s top military commander and at least six other Palestinians, presidential spokesman Yasser Ali said.

“President Mohamed Mursi has followed the Israeli brutal assault in which a number of martyrs and sons of the Palestinian people were killed,” Yasser Ali said in a statement on television and on his Facebook website.

“On this basis he has recalled the Egyptian ambassador from Israel; has ordered the Egyptian representative at the United Nations to call for an emergency meeting at the Security Council … and summoned the Israeli ambassador in Egypt in protest over the assault,” the statement added.



  1. This man is as sick as his buddy Arafat is dead.
    The latest from the towel heads: Israel is not allowed to defend itself or its people.
    Motto of the year: the only good terrorist is a DEAD torrorist along with their backers.