Mora D’asra of Kfar Chabad: Halt Business Dealings with Arabs


ashThe mora d’asra of Kfar Chabad, Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi Shlita, has released a public letter addressing the security crisis, calling on residents to recite Tehillim 20, 22, 69, and 130 after shachris. In addition, after reciting the 12 pesukim in kindergartens and elementary school, the rav calls on them to recite the pasuk ‘מפי עוללים וגו” with the children.

Rav Ashkenazi then turns to residents, calling on them to stop employing Arab construction workers during the crisis. The rav calls on residents to suspend working with Arab construction workers during the crisis or at least provide an armed security guard to oversee the construction workers. He asks them to join the community’s security patrol, for those capable of doing so, emphasizing one who cannot suspend working with Arabs in the coming days must place an armed guard in the area.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why does Israel need Arab construction workers? Why can’t charedi men get trained in skilled construction trades, work part time in construction (on shifts), and learn the rest of the day? It would help to address both the security problem and the lack of financial viability of the kollel lifestyle.

  2. good morning to you post # 1

    every has been saying this for years since the
    first curban ..
    why do we need a smack in the face to learn ? why ??????????????????????

  3. Because then you have to be willing to pay more on every product you buy because the labor will cost a lot more.
    It doesn’t have to do with skill as much as labor cost.

  4. So if there is a Chabadnik serving inthe Golani, should he stop following orders, since his commanding officer is an Arab?

    The terrorists are trying to goad the Israelis into adopting policies that will alienate the non-Muslim and secular Muslims. As the article demonstrates, many Israelis are falling into the trap.

  5. #1:
    You could ask the same question in California: why are all the construction workers Mexican? Because they are the only ones willing to do that kind of hard physical work for such low wages, that’s why. The same thing here: as#3 correctly pointed out, the Arab labor is very plentiful and very cheap.

    But since theoretically you have a point, may I ask a question: why only chareidi men? The unemployment rate in EY is quite high. Why do you suggest that only chareidi men become hard laborers?

    Oh, and #5:
    Could you maybe give us a number on just how many commanding Golani officers are Arab?

  6. #1 Wonderful Advise! Why didn’t anyone ever think of that! I’m sure you forgot one very important thing, to remind everyone to take off their Hard Hats before entering the בית מדרש!

  7. I was waiting for akuperma to show his true colors. In all the articles that were posted on the horrific acts of terror , all the comments are full of outrage, and rightfully so. However, akuperma the neturei karta representative on board, has nothing to say. No outrage from him, because he as all his friends in the neturei karta believe that the jews are to blame and the attacks are a result of zionist aggression.
    The one time he found fit to respond, was against someone who is actually trying to do something to stop the terror. Now he comes along with his cynical remarks . I cant contain my outrage. I find you and your ilk to be the most repulsive vile people that exist amongst us jews. And I hope there is no such thing as an arab commander in the Israeli army, because if there is, that would be as dumb as having a member of isis command the us forces.
    You have it all wrong. We are not alienating anyone. The problem is not coming from the jews. The terrorists are not goading us into alienating them. That is a ludicrous argument that distorts the reality of the situation, in order to fit your warped neturei karta views. Get it through your thick skull, this is not a war between Palestinians and zionists, the way you phrased it, in another one of your repulsive comments. The zionists are not looking for any wars. This is about arab hatred and their murderous actions ,and their desire to kill every jew ,even the anti zionists in meah shearim. They dont distinguish between zionists and neturei karta! They want to get rid of us all, and all measures against them are entirely justified!