Photo Essay: It’s Summer In Australia, Yidden Relaxing (Photos by JDN)

(Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 10:45 AM)

img_1488 img_1489 img_1495 img_1503 img_1505 img_1508 img_1511 img_1520

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  1. karlbenmarx says:

    what is their winter like, 50 degrees F?

  2. Big A says:

    Hey,Where’s the fruit punch?!

  3. Geordie613 says:

    I thought they walk on their heads in Australia!?

  4. 147 says:

    They also experienced a very long Assoro b’Teves daytime hours.

  5. comfortablyheimish says:

    #Geordie613 that’s what you did last time you went there and you were wondering what the strange looks were for. Should have listened to the bezmeister.

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