SHOCK: Israeli Sets Tefillin On Fire In Viral Video; Police Investigate



An Israeli burned his tefillin R”L on Thursday, in an incident he recorded on video and posted on Facebook. (See video below)

While documenting this, the former Yeshiva student explains that he does so because of the “Supermarket Law” passed recently by the Knesset. He was referring to the bill empowering the Interior Ministry to close stores operating on Shabbos, even if they received a permit from local government.

Police detained the young man for interrogation, but was released at the end of his interrogation.

Following the execution and publication of the horrific act, Attorney Itamar Ben-Givir had appealed to the Attorney General demanding that an investigation be opened and that the suspect be arrested.

“There is no doubt that in his actions he committed various offenses, including insulting religious feelings, insulting religion, and even improper behavior in a public place.” It is clear to all of us that if it were a ‘hilltop boy’ who burns a Koran or a new covenant and uploads it to the Internet, police would be at his door in minutes and he would be arrested. The law in this case should not differ. I demand that you open an investigation and order his arrest,” wrote Ben-Givir.


The 21-year-old Bnei Brak resident, Daniel Amram, was questioned in the Dan District station and released with restrictions. Police report the probe into his actions continues and a criminal indictment may result.

Following his interrogation, it was learned that the Tefillin had no Parshiyos inside them.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So while he clearly is crying out for arrention/help he makes sure there are no Parshiyos. The Barditchever would stand up for him…. maybe we should too?