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Again, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t put my children where they’re likely to c”v get hurt, either. I wouldn’t place them in a cart where their possible to fall out from. I’m just saying (read again what I wrote) there’s a BIG difference between being careful, prudent, with sense, than going entirely overboard and making this “child-safety” into a religion with a life of it’s own. Read again what I wrote. No, I’m not blithely careless, reckless, neglectful or anything of the sort. (ask any of my children… forget it, don’t ask)

I’m just not into going totally meshuga crazy with the latest religion of child-safety. Child Safety. Child Precaution. Child Alert. Child Protection. Version this. Revision that. Recall. Re-recall…

Again, I’m calling for a measure of common sense, to differentiate. ?? ??? ??? ????? ?????. There’s a middle path, the NORMAL path. There’s a mitzvah in the Torah (Rambam, I think also quotes) to eliminate any ???? and ??????? from one’s home – ??? ???? ???? ??????. Gates on steps are certainly included. And so are all others in this category. However going overboard, crazy, is no mitzvah. To be over-over-over paranoid watchful is wacky. Placing my cuty under my watchful eye in a cart is in NO WAY a danger. (no more danger then letting her in the same house as her brother..)