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“Oomis, for a while I thought I knew who you were but I turned out to be wrong. I see you as being a bit taller than average, average weight, dirty blonde & a nice, genuine smile. “

Sorry, the physical description is off, but yes, my smile is very genuine.

CRDL, you were not too far off. I am somewhat short, wear glasses, have dark straight hair, look NOTHING like Mrs. Weasely, but DO make awfully good pastries, and yes, I love to have company all the time. FTR, I do NOT dress like anyone’s (older) Bubby or mother, neither am I a fashion hound. I wear caps more than snoods (no tichels at all), and a shaitel on Shabbos and YT, not usually a hat. Above all, if you were to meet me, you would hopefully come away thinking, “Wow, she’s a sincerely friendly and warm person,” because that is way more important than how we look, even if we look nice. I tend to think of Aries similarly, but get the feeling she has medium brown hair and is on the taller side with a warm smile.

In truth, I try very hard NOT to picture anyone here. It maintains the anonymity.