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☕ DaasYochid ☕

I’ll make a point I made in an earlier thread.

No one is being jailed for learning Torah.

and from the earlier thread:

However, this emotional straw man frustrates me to no end. No one is going to be put in jail for learning. They (might be) put in jail for avoiding army service, which they do by learning. But no one is making learning a crime.

You were wrong then, and you’re wrong now.

Aside from PBA’s point that there are definitely many who want to completely wipe out Torah, chalilah, and Torah613’s point that a Jewish run state should have more appreciation for Torah, I think your point is so semantic that it’s meaningless, and if I wouldn’t be dan you l’kaf z’chus thbat you haven’t thought this out properly, I would say disingenuous.

The image you think is portrayed in the rhetoric, that of people being dragged out of the bais midrash for the crime of learning, reminiscent of communist Russia or the Chanukah story, is so obviously not literally true that there’s no emotional straw man here.

Although I’m sure there are those drafting the law who would like nothing more than banning Torah study for all, no matter their military eligibility, that’s obviously not what being legislated, and nobody has any hava amina that it is.

The objection is to criminalizing the choice for a bochur or yungerman to stay in full time learning, which as Gavra says, should be repulsive to any shomer Torah u’mitzvos, and nobody is trying to fool anyone into thinking otherwise.

The only straw man I see here was manufactured in Las Vegas.

I must also be moche about something you wrote earlier, “ I think the country has a right to ask the Chareidim to give back (with more than just Limud HaTorah) “.

More than Limud HaTorah? I expect better than that from you, Sam.