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I still haven’t seen anyone explain (other than from the Chareidi side, which you would certainly find offensive) why the “Dati Leumi” are not DEFENDING the Chareidim, since part of “D”L” is, of course, Das, or religion. So surely the “D”L” would sympathize with their Chareidi brethren and would want the Chareidim to follow their Daas Torah.

Again, I understood from your original post that the Chareidi position of forbidding service in the IDF results in your son being relegated to “chotvei eitzim viShoavei mayim” relative to chareidim. You’re essentially implying that your son is being made a “second-class Jew”. Yet, in a later post, you say you believe his serving in the IDF is not unfortunate but a Mitzvah. And you also don’t seem to deny that chareidim hold the polar opposite liHalacha.

So while I certainly understand the “divergent views”, I still don’t understand why your original post conveyed these offensive and incorrect implications, especially when your own later posts have shown this is not your true position.