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So funny, I was actually looking at the website before, and now it’s a thread. Hmmm, well, sometimes, I like to look at this site to see if anyone I know had a simcha. (take this evening for ex. just found out a friends daughter got engaged,) I don’t think I would want my family’s pictures on view for the whole world to see. Lack of tzinus?? Yes, for sure. Some magazines won’t even show women’s faces, not to mention some of the girls may not be dressed to certain peoples standard. They get all types of yidden to the site.

I just made a simcha, and I was contemplating putting it up, then thought it’s not worth it. Also, I think some of the couples/families aquaintences post peoples names up. I saw friends names who for sure would not have their names listed and don’t even have internet. Then I see people posting their congrats to them. It makes me laugh, because those involved in the simcha don’t even know they have been posted on the site.

Also, anyone could write on your page. There was a couple one time,on the engagement page, the lady was wearing a sheitel(from the pictures you could tell), so I don’t think it was her first marriage for him or her. Some lady posted some kind of cryptic message to the chatan. Some crazy ex? who knows??