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smartstar wrote: “HI can anybody tell me why is it that some girls say they want a Learning Boy?”

Answer: Some of them are no doubt sincerely interested in having a husband who devotes himself to k’lei kodesh, but the rest of them have been brainwashed to ignore the Rambam in Hilchos Dayos, who cites the Gemara in Sotah which indicates that the proper way is to first find a profession, build a house and then marry; but the fools marry first etc. The Kessef Mishneh raises the problem that R changed the order from the Gemara – in the Gemara, (Sotah 44a); the ideal order is to build a house, find a profession and then marry; Kessef Mishneh answers that the main objection is to marrying before being “set-up” for married life; the profession and housebuilding are not of concern, as long as both of them come first. (Based on