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Patur Aval Assur

“Torah can also be a profesion. See Brachos 12 and Sotah 42 about Toraso Umnaso”

Interestingly it can come out that a “working guy” is toraso umnaso and a “learning guy” is not. Because if a guy works all day and learns a bit and eats and sleeps and only makes enough money to support himself (or his family) then he is considered toraso umnaso as per my earlier sources quoted and the teshuvos maharalbach siman 140. If a learning guy takes a break that is not for eating/sleeping or earning a living then he is not toraso umnaso. (Granted though, in practice most “working guys” also have breaks in which they are not learning, but my point merely was that it is possible for someone to be toraso umnaso even though he learns only a small percentage of the amount of time that someone else who is not toraso umnaso learns.)