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Ok. here is our second game. it is a trivia event . please do not search any answer . every correct answer, unless someone on your team got it already, gets one point. I will stay out of this one as I am posting the questions but please no cheating. The game is over at 11:30 so get your answers in by then .( I don’t know when the mods will let them through but hopefully quick) remember! no cheating just answer from your own knowledge without looking up or asking anyone else

What is the capital of Croatia?

In which year were the Confederate States of America formed to allow the continued use of slavery in the South?

In which year did the United States enter World War I?

What is the specific study of plants called?

In which century did the Industrial Revolution begin?

.What was Ho Chi Minh City previously called

The Strait of Gibraltar connects the Atlantic Ocean with which sea?

What is the name and title of the queen of englands husband?

How old was the Queen Mother when she died in 2002?

What is Constantinople now known as?

Name four Italian cities

How many planets are there in our Solar System?

What was the name of the project, headed by J. Robert Oppenheimer, to create the first atomic bomb?

Early scientists longed to be able to transmute base metals such as lead into gold. What was the name of their profession?

In 1990 a space telescope named after an American astronomer was launched. What is its name? and what was the full name of the astronomer . ok that’s that remember , any one who wants to join can join by answering the question and preceeding the answers with either the team name or color