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Yup. And those who hold it is M’akev will not care what to government says, which is why we end up where we are. Two groups of Torah Yidden not understanding each other, and accusing each other of being betraying their religion and being unreasonable.

I only see one group doing the accusing and the other group doing the betraying. But yes, that is the correct diagnosis of the problem and its reason.

Believe me: My rebbeim have said for many years to use a tube. I wouldn’t do MBP for my kids (except for a time like now, when I would davka do it to show support, and davka without a consent form). I just support the right of those who think it is necessary.

The same way I support the right of Catholics to not violate their religion by providing contraceptives. (And I submitted comments to that effect to HHS, and not a form one either–I wrote mine myself.)

ubiquitous: I don’t agree with anything you said. I cannot make my position clearer, sorry. And I cannot answer your question because the two choices as phrased do not properly contrast each other. Your first choice was a personal decision, while your second choice was a societal decision.