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I won’t debate the legality of paying or not paying a meter, but exactly what sevice is being provided? People SHOULD be able to park on the street, and if there are not enough spaces, then more levels if parking spots should be built, like a parking garage.

We pay enough in taxes and other revenue to the City of New York, that we should be able to park our cars (legally, of course), without being hassled. When you have a meter that gives you 20 minutes to a half hour per quarter, that is outrageous. Even worse, is when there is a meter that runs for a maximum of 2 hours in a place such as a movie theater where the patrons will need parking for way more than the 2 hours.

I recognize that some people will take advantage, but the solution is to make more parking available to everyone, not to gouge people for meter money and fines. it once cost me $20 to prove that the meter was defective, (and that’s what they count on, that no one will fight back, but will just pay the ticket), that it went from 1 hour to zero in 40 minutes. I was away from my car 45 minutes or less. I fought back and won on appeal, but the registered letters, photos, etc. cost me. Still, it was my money, not the City’s. This was the second time something like this happened. I am tired of the DOT or whoever it is, taking advantage of us.