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SJS -“Although, I have learned not to really debate with you because you try to twist everything without making sense, so I’ll let the AAP statement stand.”

Some people you have to repeat your argument over and over because they can’t see anyone else’s opinion.

I know what the AAP says, why do you keep repeating it?

“So tell me, do you think 117 babies should die each year for an elective procedure?”

“There are plenty of children who die directly or indirectly due to their circumcision. That doesn’t include the botch jobs that cause other issues.”

“Many people are anti-circumcision because they don’t believe in removing body parts just because.”

The statements of yours’ that I just quoted imply that the reason people are against it is because there are only risks with circumcision. You keep arguing that you should outlaw an elective procedure because of risks.

But the problem is -you only tell half a story. You fail to mention the medical benefits of circumcision. You pretend that because the AAP doesn’t recommend it, that it must be the risks outweigh the benefits. The Truth is the AAP Policy puts that decision in the parent’s hand -to decide whether to circumcise or not.

All your posts implicate the following falsehoods:

1. The AAP must really think that circumcision is not healthy because they don’t recommend it.

2. There are deaths, in other words risks, associated with circumcision, so therefore they (the Anti-Milah) are justified in making it illegal.

The Truth:

1. AAP is not against it/ nor do they think it’s unhealthy, just they won’t recommend it because some of the data is not conclusive.

2. There are definitely medical authors who say the benefits outweigh the risks. And even the AAP who don’t hold this, don’t say the risks outweigh the benefits. They just leave it up to the family to make a decision on the child.

3. There is no medical justification to outlaw circumcision; if any law should be made, it should be to force people to have one. Why? Because -many authorities hold that the benefits outweigh the risks, but I’m not advocating forcing this on people!