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mos yumos

Many gedolim lament the fact that so many people go into kiruv without the proper hashkafic training and therefore violate and throw out halcha whenever they feel it’s appropriate bec the “ends justify the means”. One put it this way: The kiruv movement, unlike almost all other major international religious jewish orginizations, has no guidance from gedolim at the top and no one in charge; rather it’s just a bunch of people doing there own thing the way they feel it should be done. Furthermore, many kiruv people are more concerned with their “stats” and as soon as they get a guy to keep shabbos, kashrus and taharas hamishpacha, they leave him and don’t follow up. (Nor do they give them any real halachic knowledge to live the other aspects of their lives or even for the fundemental ones aforementioned!) Kiruv can only be undertaken by those with years of Torah learning, hashkafa training, and a Rebbe to call with shailos as they arise.

P.S. his is not to take away or minimize in any way all the tremendous good that has been accomplished by the kiruv movement.