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As I said, the freezer is not about manipulation, not does it have a major effect.

I should have been clearer that was two separate points. I agree that the freezer is so that Bochrim should not go to Lakewood so that they can go out (not to manipulate the market, although it does have an effect to some (probably minor) degree). The promotion of Seminary is the bigger concern (as you know my views).

Farkert, someone who would manipulate my son to marry someone who’s not best for him, or before he’s ready, is not someone I necessarily want as his rebbe.

Besides, being a rosh hayeshiva is mechayev you to your talmidim, but who says it makes you a leader of klal Yisroel?

Good. Very good. I agree. When are you calling for the Moetzes (which is supposed to have the Klal’s interests in mind, not the Yechidim, unless you disagree?) to be run by Rabbonim instead of Roshei Yeshiva? How about communities (such as Lakewood)?

I know it is before your time, but this may be relevant as the “Lakewood Vaad” (representing BMG, the Roshei Yeshiva and “individuals”) vs. Rabbonim (representing the Klal).

Should BMG Have A Say In Lakewood Politics?