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Re post by oomis that begins “I’ve never met a guy who …”: oomis asks “who will know” if a bochur who leaves yeshiva to work is not putting any time into learning? Well, Dayan Emmes will know, and so will the bochur. I hope oomis is not saying that she does not believe that yeshivas are not doing their job in getting their students into the habit of life-long learning, or if she is, I hope she is wrong.”

My “who will know” was a rhetorical question, guys. Relax. I was simply saying that some people are apparently afraid that if boys leave Yeshivah’s full time learning, they will somehow never make regular time to learn (and from the boys’ standpoint, who could really know for certain, EXCEPT for themselves and Hashem?).

nfgo3, I was not in any way, shape or form, saying what you inferred from my post. I was expressing my belief that it is sad that there are people who fear that a boy will stop learning once he leaves the Yshivah. If a Yeshiva AND a boy’s family have both done their job, that should not happen.