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someguy – You do yourself a discredit by buying into the zionist sheker gomur that we are no longer in golus.

Do yourself a favor, and read the numerous sources I provided on the bottom of the previous page of this thread regarding your comments.

rob – Spare us your sophistry. I provided the mekor for the Chasam Sofer that you questioned. Look it up, as I said. And you attributed to me imputations regarding Eretz Yisroel, that you know good and well I applied to the STATE, not EY.

The point about Ezra is how far ago Yidden started speaking an adapted language, blended from their country of residence, into a Jewish everyday tongue.

rob – regarding your insinuations about notpashut’s comments – you constantly try to knock down factual matters not to your liking of history and the Torah as expounded upon by Rabbonim. Recall how you disputed my quote of Rav Ahron Kotler’s remarks about the modern orthodox until you, red-facedly admitted finding it in the exact source I quoted?