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Little Froggie

They did NOT under-expect it last time, as they would have you believe. It was a deliberate, purposeful, shameful strike / slowdown by the sanitation dept. Too many pictures, testimonies abound. I myself saw these clowns, when finally forced to go out a make an appearance, drive TWO trucks together, with their PLOWS UP!! Back and forth!!

Generally at the onset of a storm, there will be plowers and salters going around and around to dissipate huge pile-ups of snow (like they’re doing now). That time, as I noticed, from the very onset (Sun. noon) till Wed. there was not a truck to be found!! Besides the ones, of course, parked by a Mc Donalds (YouTube)..

So yes, it may be important to keep roads clear etc.., that’s not AT ALL the reason or cause for the shameful fiasco of the mayor’s and sanitation department’s handling (inaction) of that infamous blizzard.