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    I may be talking too soon, but it like they’ve over predicted this storms impact for the Brooklyn area. How are my fellow Jews from elsewhere faring? Anyone experiencing a blizzard?


    They purposely over-predicted it. The politicians are afraid they’ll be accused of under-expecting it, like some others were several years ago, so they decided to falsely over-predict so they can’t go wrong. (Whose going to care if they wasted money unnecessarily over-preparing, closed transportation unnecessarily and closed the schools if they got everyone convinced it was really expected to be humongous?)

    Little Froggie

    They did NOT under-expect it last time, as they would have you believe. It was a deliberate, purposeful, shameful strike / slowdown by the sanitation dept. Too many pictures, testimonies abound. I myself saw these clowns, when finally forced to go out a make an appearance, drive TWO trucks together, with their PLOWS UP!! Back and forth!!

    Generally at the onset of a storm, there will be plowers and salters going around and around to dissipate huge pile-ups of snow (like they’re doing now). That time, as I noticed, from the very onset (Sun. noon) till Wed. there was not a truck to be found!! Besides the ones, of course, parked by a Mc Donalds (YouTube)..

    So yes, it may be important to keep roads clear etc.., that’s not AT ALL the reason or cause for the shameful fiasco of the mayor’s and sanitation department’s handling (inaction) of that infamous blizzard.


    the first snow storm every season is usually over predicted


    I’m annoyed that i can’t drive, I missed a chasunah tonight because of this non storm. 4-8 inches, they say now. No reason to shut the streets for. Historic proportions, my foot. There’s nothing historic of making a fool of yourself wasting an entire say and millions of dollars on a storm that never happened. I’m sorry I’m ranting, I’m very Yossi about this chasunah now.


    He’s alive and I’ll show him to you?

    ☕️coffee addict



    It just shows that they are not in charge of the weather and that we all know who really is in charge of the weather


    NY didn’t get a good storm?

    Sorry folks. Here in anchorage we have plenty to share.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    How are the geese holding up?


    curious yenta, Did you really think the meteorologists are in charge of the weather?


    The media hyped this up more than necessary, spending the last two days building up to it. I heard on the radio that forecasters rely on various models to predict snow accumulation but like everything else related to climate, it’s unpredictable. What a waste of money to fund these scientists.


    Lior, once again, you are woefully wrong and paranoid. Meteorology is not an exact science. All the preparations were made based upon the best information available, as they cannot wait until the last second to take emergency steps and get word out to the public. As it happened, sometime last night the storm track suddenly shifted 50 miles eastward. As a result, New Jersey and the Hudson Valley got less than 6 inches, NYC up to 12 inches and Suffolk County already has 20 inches on the ground and, as of this writing, blizzard conditions still prevail and snow is still coming down 2 inches per hour.

    Would you rather have had the storm kept on the original track? Be thankful to Hashem that you don’t live in Suffolk.


    With the Mayor predicting a mere few hours ago the worst blizzard in the history of New York, bringing 40 inches or the like, and in reality getting 6 inches… yeah, “not an exact science”.


    PBA: are there Jews in Anchorage? I know you don’t live there, your posts are too yeshivish for you to have ended up there. Swype is driving me crazy, i think I’m gonna throw out this goyish device.


    Lior, Please do not lie and exaggerate. Neither Di Blasio nor weather forecasters ever said 40 inches and the mayor spoke 24 hours ago ( not a few hours )when the storm was on its original track


    Ubiquitin, no it just shows that who ever really think that when they say the weather that’s wats gonna happen but we know who is really in charge of the weather!


    Can’t we all just sound HAPPY that the storm WAS NOT as bad as predicted?? Who cares if the mayor got it right or not? The snow didn’t affect most of our power, and we were up and running the next day.


    We’re upset about the extreme measures and money wasted due to the arrogant opinion of the mayor that he can’t be wrong. The city its never shut in advance of a blizzard, people are trusted to use their own judgment on whether to go out or not, based on the severity of the weather. But apparently the mayor thinks he knows what’s best for you and that he can do what meteorologists always admitted they couldn’t; accurately predict the storms path and impact and issue a curfew due to that. Even the storm turned its back on deBlasio.


    There is a lot of nonsense in this post.

    Lior and yayin yashan: You do know that the mayor does not predict the weather, right?

    The metereologists predicted a catastrophic blizzard. Do you expect the mayor to say, nah they are probably wrong the Ribono shel Olam really controls the weather. Is that what you would have said?


    Of course, but the meteorologists always say they may be wrong. The mayor spoke with the confidence of a fool who has no idea what he is talking about, and even worse, acted drastically based on that confidence, inconveniencing many. He was just dying for a distraction from the police saga, and hoped to come out looking like a hero, but even being spoken of as a fool was preferable to him than to continue the previous story. In my opinion, its ridiculous to blame the murders on him, but he did act pretty stupidly. Same for Obama.



    Not quite he repeatedly said based on “predictions”.. “likely” etc etc. And even in a sentance or two where he didnt say it. Everybody above the age of kindergarten knows weather predictions are based on models that oftn change. Meteorologists aren’t guessing, nor have I ever heard them claim to be God. When you see dark clouds overhead and you say “Its going to rain” Are you claiming to be God?

    At any rate Now i am really confused. Are you saying he deliberately over played the storm as a “distraction from the police saga,”? If so Seems risky considering a day later he will be exposed as a fool, and and how does that fit with “hoped to come out looking like a hero,”?

    Your last post isn’t coherent. blaming murders? I thought we were talking about a blizzard


    A short timeline:

    1) on shabbos Chanukah there was a tragic incident involving the cold blooded murder of two policemen. The mayor took a lot of heat from the case, since he had said that policemen are racially against blacks.

    2) over a month later people are still talking about it. The mayor is desperate to turn attention elsewhere. Even coming out looking like a fool from this storm is ok if the storm is a diversion.


    And even a kindergarten child would be upset if i told him that he can’t go out because i think it may start to rain, instead of telling him to come inside if it starts raining.


    Um yayin ONLY a kindergartner would be upset at that.

    A grownup would understand that usually dark clouds indicate rain and if ones in a while you are wrong their is little harm in coming inside for a while. All the more so when in this case there was still a significant snow storm, just njot quite as bad as they (ie the meterologists) predicted.

    Keep in mind your complaint really falls apart when you consdier would you criticise DeBlasio if the strom did in fact materealize? I assume not. Why not? In both cases he is doing the EXACT SAME thing Based on predicitions he is given.

    I’m missing a few steps in between your short timeline

    In your analysis

    You are skipping a few steps

    1.1) Meterologists predict a small storm

    1.2) Mayor exagarates the effect of the storm knowing in a day he will look like a fool

    Is this what you say happened?


    An adult would be upset he wasn’t trusted to exercise good judgment. And if the storm would have happened the mayor would have been just as wrong, just no one would have complained. A mandatory curfew is extreme balancing the likelihood of the storm (75%), with the effects of being stuck outside (slightly inconvenient, as very few cars are abandoned in the street). The mayor wanted a big a deal as possible made of this storm, knowing that he came out ahead no matter what. (I love conspiracy theories).


    The question I have is that is why all of a sudden the gov. of NJ & NY are worried about the weather? All they had to do is wait and see. If it kept snowing, past 10 inches, then close the States.



    “And if the storm would have happened the mayor would have been just as wrong, just no one would have complained.”

    At least youre being consistent. Fair enough.

    Are you always opposed to mandatory curfews? What about a hurricane? What about mandatory evacuations in cases where wildfires/tornados are headed towards a city?

    “I love conspiracy theories.” I love them too, I find the mental gymnastics people go through in an attempt to deny the obvious fascinating!!


    “are there Jews in Anchorage? “

    Yes. I spent a Shabat there this past summer. There is a Chabad there that has a preschool and a Jewish museum.

    They end Shabat at 2:05am for much of the summer.


    Yayin, unfortunately adults cannot be trusted to use good judgement. In previous bad snowstorms numerous cars were stranded on highways. This had several bad outcomes: drivers/passenger lives were at risk, rescue workers were forced to put their lives at risk and, by blocking roads and impeding snowplows, made the job of sno clearance that much harder.

    In addition, you do know that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority ( which operates the subways, busses, Long Island railroad and Metro north Railroad ) is controlled by Gov Cuomo and the MTA chairman, not Di Blasio. They made the decision to shut them down.

    I’m no fan of Di Blasio and there enough issues to legitimately criticize him for without making up new ones.


    In a hurricane, the potential harm from not evacuating justifies the evacuation. Also, in a hurricane, there is no time to see it develop and decide to leave; once it has started it is to late. I did hear that the closure order came from the governor.


    Yayim. Hurricanes are tracked from the time they form out in the Atlantic. Since they rarely move faster than 30 miles per hour ( I’m not talking about wind speed of the hurricane ) there is ample time to prepare and evacuate. Prior to hurricane Sandy the MTA, for example, had time to move all of their trains to high by round. We were given orders to evacuate many hours before the storm struck


    I am saying if there was no evacuation and people would wait for the storm to hit before deciding what to do. Once it hits it is too late, often.

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