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What does have relevance to this thread, btw, and what makes the other things irrelevant – and how did you get to judge relevance to the thread and decide all the things you’ve posted are relevant? You seem to keep repeating that line when things are cited that don’t fit the line of thought that you’re pursuing. Rav Volbe was simply addressing the mistaken concerns some wives expressed that their husband wasn’t far more knowledgeable than themselves on Torah matters. I think this point has been beaten to death here already. Rav Volbe made a point, v’zeh hu. His point wouldn’t have been cited and recorded in the kuntres if it weren’t relevant then and relevant now to the intended audience.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on the other points. I think we’re (both of us) at the stage of repetition with them.

As far as the Tur, the Sefer Hachasidim, the Aruch Hashulchan and the Torah Temimah, I thought they are at least as relevant to the discussion as the items you’ve cited such from MiPninei HaRav, R. Rakeffet, the Riaz, etc. And to that I was wondering your input to what I brought from them.