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It seems that feminists think that non-femininism means women are not people. Hence, any women who has an identity must be a feminist. And if someone is not a feminist, he or she is discriminating against women. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Women are people – but they are not men. Men are people – but they are not women.

Women had an identity before feminism. It is characteristic of the feminist movement that they portray themselves as bringing women up from the lowest rungs of society. Truthfully, it is the feminists who are low. Their movement has served as much purpose as the NAACP. That is, to take credit for everything good that happens to their “rachmanus cases”, and to blame all the bad on the evil antagonists. They completely dispense with logic in order to erase any thought of distinguishing between genders (as if no one can tell just by looking).

Feminism stands for abortion, the right to wear (or not wear) pants, and being anti-house wife. Our emahos did not CH”V stand for any of this.