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After being in the mafia for 30 years as a hit-man, Artie decides it is time to stop. Joe, a good friend of Artie, asks him to get rid of 3 guys who have been causing him problems. Artie says that since Joe is such a good friend he will do it as his last mission and will only charge Joe $1. Joe tells Artie that these men meet at the fruit store on Wednesdays at 3:00. Artie decides he will not shoot them because it will make too much of a scene rather he decides to strangle them and dump their bodies near by. On Wednesday Artie goes to the fruit store and waits for the men. The men arrive and Artie scans the area for other people. The area is clear and Artie makes his move. Everything goes fine but as he is leaving the scene he notices a person who was standing nearby who saw the whole thing. Artie runs home and is later arrested. The headlines of the paper the next day were: