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dbrim well written but a few quibbles:

“PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to understand the basics of the scientific method or how to evaluate non-experimental and experimental research studies (although having one does give you an edge).”


“Only true experiments can establish a cause-and-effect relationship between variables. Non-experimental research cannot demonstrate a cause- and-effect relationship.”

I’m not sure what you mean by experimental research vs non experimental. I assume you mean Randomized controlled studies vs observational. However your point is still not quite true. Even RCT doesnt necessarily PROVE cause-and-effect. And Observational studies even if they dont PROVE it if their is a mechanism and a clear effect shown by a preponderance of data is enough to establish cause-and effect. That smoking can cause lung cancer is something that even the nuttiest of pro-disease people accepts even though there is no RCT that demonstrates it. For that matter, many pro-disease claim that vaccines casue asthma/autism obviously not based on a RCT either.

“Most of the research conducted investigating the effects and effectiveness of vaccines has been NON-experimental, due to the ethical issue of using a control (comparison) group with non-vaccinated children.”

True, though not all.

” Studies that have been conducted using time series designs (non-experimental) definitely challenge the belief (yes, it is a belief) that vaccines are effective in eradicating diseases.”

Source? I have never come across such a study

” The research that investigates the association between vaccines and negative effects (autism, asthma) are correlational – again NON-experimental.”

And havent found any such relationship.

” The reality is we have along road ahead of us in collecting scientific evidence about the short and long term benefits/risks of tens of doses of chilhhood vaccinations children are receiving.”

How long? At whta point in your estimation is it ok to dismiss the pro-diseasers as kooks. Ten years? 20? and after how many studies showing over and over that vaccines are not linked to autism?

” So, let’s be tolerant. For those who vaccinate, according to vaccine theory, your children are immunized and should have very little chance of catching childhood diseases”

I care about THEIR children too! Just becasue they were unlunky enough to have been born to pro-diseasers doent mean innocent children should suffer.

” Parents who have chosen not to vaccinate are not irresponsible,”

They are

“It is likely that they have done research”

It is far from likely I have been discussing this topic for years now. Ive encountered posters demanding studies that already existed! of course once supplied they ran off.

” and/or asked their daas torah before being poraish from the tzibbur.”

This isnt a daas torah question it is a medical question.

“We need not be afraid to question past medical/ societal practices.”

Whole heratedly agree! But we need to be afraid of accepting answers either.

” For those of you who don’t understand why the vaccine issue isn’t totally 100% beneficial with no risks at all, please ask to see the list of vaccine ingredients and the leaflet describing the risks involved in vaccines during your next visit to the pediatrician.”

No need to wait, you cna look up the ingredients they are redily available.

” May it be a year of only health for Gans Klal Yisroel.”


P.S. Whether the letter is fact or fiction is no excuse for slandering talmidei chachamim