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1. Yes.

Now your turn did you read any of the studies?

I am laways open too learning. and unlike you freely admit that given evidence to the contrary I will change myview.

“They obviously did not see the video either or the thousands that follow her protocol with astounding success (they are in the middle of proving her theories in laboratory,”

There is no need for a laboratory publish it as an observational study.

If and this is the big one… if true.

2. What camopaing the hea dof the FDA isnt elected? The governement loses money on vaccines.

Why doesnt the governement push smoking. Big tobacco in its heyday was mcuh bigger than pharm today. Youd think the government would convince us that smoking saves lives, or at the very least be mum on the subject.

3. Ha ha ha this one is too good. “Think for a second. Mercury is the most toxic substance on earth ” or “mercury was replaced by aluminum which is more dangerous.” You need to brush up on your toxins. At any rate do you see how you keep moving the goal posts. First mercury is the most dangerous, it is removed then aluminum is worse.

4. Any in particular you reccomend? Ive read (ok skimmed) dissolving illusions, it was quite funny. Any others you recommend?

5. I absolutly read every word. You freely admit that your view is based on thought. I prefer fact and empirical data

6. So no.

7. It is not that we both agree. The “medical establishment” agrees in direct contradiction to your numerous misstatments that the medical establishment doesnt address diet/exercise. I beleive you have made that false claim in EVERY post youve written on this thread. IT simply is not true. (like most of your assertions)

Looking for all diseases is statisticly impossible (forget financially). So lets focus on one. Autism has created the biggest stir so that has been studied and studied.

“but the facts that i see and not the ones manufactured by people that profit trillions of dollars off those facts, or the people who profit politically from those facts (the govt.)”

Sorry you dont get to pick your facts. And as explained above the governement loses money on vaccines.

“I take offense that you say that my mind is made up “

Dont take offense YOU said that “What can i answer you when there are literally thousands of parents who saw the transformation of their children overnight ? A coincidence? A million studies would not convince me” here:

“Who is the dishonest one here????”


Unless there are two posters posting under your name one of whom beleives mercury is the most dangerous substance, and that you would change your mind given an adequate study and that doctors sometimes discuss diet/excercise

vs the other guy who beleives aluminum is the most dangerous, would never change hi mind and Doctors get blank looks when diet/excercise come up

Yes all six of those contradictory statements where made on this thread under your screen name.

If it is actually two different people or one person in different states of cellular health my sincerest apologies. But if you keep changing your mind as the conversation goes along, that is in fact dishonest.