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mod please delete my earlier post Done!

moish I just got what you mean, I am way overtired.

Is that what I seem like? aunt bea? and you said I wasnt being nice to you so far… :p

I actually phrased it very wrong, I intended to say you have the potential for a greater relationship with Hashem and to be much closer to him. maybe its not now, but one day. this is happening for a reason and He knows what youll look like in a year and in three years and in five years physically and spiritually. maybe you have to go through something now to end up helping teens at risk, because you know what it feels like or whatever. (just made this up off the top of my head, 4 am and being very tired I think I’m still ok) about the automatic thing I dont think the love hashem has for his children is automatic, or maybe it is because everyone is loved by Hashem as long as their jewish, regardless of how far they went off. but the relationship itself is so much relating to Hashem, and the connection to Him, it cant be just called automatic. yeah, a father is automatically loving his child but there is love and love. 🙂