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Sorry Im late to the party. A few points in response to VM’s reopening what should be a forgotten topic.

“I possess literally no objective or accurate information about vaccines.”

– Perhaps the only accurate statement in the post.

“The vaccine controversy is real and it is the fault of the medical establishment as much as it is the fault of a few flawed studies.”

– The controversy is contrived it is the result of one flawed study and a few evil celebrities (!) who endorse it.

“Because of the stakes involved in public health, nobody ever gives a straight answer to questions about vaccinations.”

– Straight answers are given repeatedly there have been studies (plural) proving the safety and efficacy of vaccines. (do a pub med search)yet the appeal of celebrities is hard top overcome.

“Moreover, you can believe that the doctors, the government and big pharma are acting totally l’sheim shamayim (they are not, BTW) and still believe they are lying. Their job is to support the public health. If vaccines caused any ill effects, their job would be to weigh the public benefit against the public costs, and make a decision whether to be open about the costs if it may result in fewer vaccinations.”

– This is true. thats why your it comes with possible side effects noted.

“But an individual should care about the individual costs and make a decision based on his or her personal circumstances.”

-Debatable, as a member of society individuals should make decisions based on society.

Here are some examples that support what I wrote above:

“1. We are nagged endlessly every year to get the flu shot. Few doctors will tell you the objective fact that the flu shot is directed only at a few strains of the flu, and that it has side effects.”

– I allways mention POSSIBLE side effects, Ive always been told of POSIBLE side effects.

“They will tell you that the flu kills 35-50000 Americans every year. Assume the number itself is true (it isn’t); they don’t tell you that the overwhelming majority of the victims are elderly or infants,”

– It is ture that the flu kills 3500 – 50000 Americans each year. While majority are infants and elderly (i.e >65). surprise doctors care for them too So I’m not quite sure what your point is. Furthermore the obese, those with Lung dieases (Astma/COPD) are at risk as well. Never mind the fact that hospitalization is what doctors want to avoid as well. As many as 200,000 are hospitalized annually for complications related to the flu. This year in particular has been a bad year and among the deceased I know of are a couple (not elderly they were in late 50’s) who caught a particularly nasty strain of flu (H3) complicated by CA-MRSA and died.

” and that the flu vaccine is only designed l’chat’chila to address about 50% of anticipated flu cases in the first place.”

– The developers predict strains to inoculate against the efficacy is variable. This year has been particularly ineffective.

“So you’re taking a vaccine with a high chance of side effects, to protect against a disease that would be incredibly unlikely to harm you at all, and the protection is only 50% better!”

– Should read” So you’re taking a vaccine with a low chance of mild side effects, to protect against a disease that while incredibly unlikely to harm most healthy people, has a high chance of harming you and even higher chance of harming in catastrophic ways those you may love including elderly/infants and those with predisposing conditions, and the protection is often as high as 50% better and by some estimates as much as 90%!!!

“NONE of what I wrote is remotely controversial.”

– Because it isnt factual.

“It happens because ten thousand people getting minor side effects is nothing to the government, while 20 lives of elderly people and infants that are saved is something to them.”

– Ummm isnt it something to all?

” So forgive me if I am skeptical generally of the government’s claims about vaccines.”

– Forgiven! Dont trust the government. dont trust me. Do a pubmed search yourself. Or Find someone who is knowledgeable on the subject ask him to explain the literature to you. Make sure s/he explains terms such as absolute and relative risk reduction and number needed to treat. Then see if you can visit your local ICU and note how many patients have Droplet precaution notices on the doors to their room. Then you will be truly informed on the subject.

I am not as well versed regarding varicella and HPV So those can wait for now.