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So apparently, this thread has gone from discussing Trump to discussing how to deal with rashaim. Coincidence? I think not! 😉

Avi K:

So you see, there is only a heter to speak badly of him so that other will not follow him. However, hating him is another.

“The Torah states (Lev. 25:17 & Lev. 19:16) “One should not wrong his fellow” and “Do not act as a talebearer among your people,” but heretics do not fit under this category for they do not act as “your people.” Therefore, we follow the practice (as taught in Avot D’Rabbi Natan, a work from the Talmudic era), “those who hate you, L-rd, I will hate, and your rebellious ones I will dispute.””

?????? ???????????? ?’ ????????

Tell me, do you hate smokers, people who cheat on their taxes, etc.?

“Important note: there is a large in-between category not mentioned in this paragraph, namely those who do not observe – or even commit some sins – but without the malicious intent of heresy. Lashon Hara against someone in this middle category is forbidden.”