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Hakatan – distancing a group from the “machane” isnt compatible with entreating them to return. And it calls into question the viability of the “machane”.

Shivim Panim Latorah is not subject to your definition and limitation. HKBH knows what it encompasses. You are not HKBH, and as holy and learned as they are, neither are those defined as gedolim.

Joseph, Rabbi Gordimer is not the OP, I think. Unless the OP plagiarized something of his without attribution. Is that what you are asserting, Joseph? You know, sort of like you have done word for word from Frumteens over the past several years in the coffeeroom? (as is evidenced in many postings that are searchable here)

And in any case his arguments are about Open Orthodoxy vs modern orthodoxy, not some validation of this particularly arrogant skein of chariedi vs Modern orthodoxy.

As I wrote above, the pendulum has begun to swing back. Moro D’Asroh’s of MO shuls are no longer swayed by the threats of local chariedi zealots (and I am at pains to say – its the arrogant and the zealots I am describing, not the majority) when they have a frum speaker of the wrong taam or politics. MO donors are harder to convince for support when there are many other good and needful organizations vying for the tzedokoh dollar who aren’t denigrating at the same time as they are asking for help.

If you wish to peddle this message of supremacy – be it to the MO, or other Jews, go right ahead. marginalize yourself further. Or maybe you could learn something from Chabad. or many others who are involved in kiruv rechokim, kerovim, and all Jews. Many of them have figured out what you seem to be unaware of. We all have what to learn from all of our brothers. We all have a responsibility to each other that doesn’t start and finish with what we perceive the other is doing wrong. It starts at a yom tov table, in a quick gut shabbes, with making a minyan for a kaddish zugger. And you don’t have a monopoly on those things.