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mentsch: You are very, very incorrect.

I am aware that the main reason the battle took place was to kick out the greeks and abolish their edicts.

That said, the main hashkafic reason we have a holiday of chanukah is to commemorate our victory over greek culture. Chanukah is not a celebration of a military victory.

Have you read Al HaNisim recently?

The mefarshim ask the question of how goyim can be metamei the pach shemen and the answer given is that it was tamei because of the hellinistic jews. This was a war against an influx of foreign culture and that it still what it is.

I have no idea what you are saying. Non-Jews are Metamei Kodshim by touching or moving them. That’s a Gezeirah D’Rabannan

I would be glad for anyone to prove me wrong. But it would shock me. Nothing I have ever seen has ever even implied a tolerance of chazal of imitating or integrating any foreign culture.

Chazal don’t like Greek culture, but that came much later than the Channukah story. Chazal have some (albeit very few) nice statements about some things that some foreign cultures do, notably the Persians.

Those familiar with the controversy over moreh nevuchim know that one of the main sources of contention by other reshonim was the RAMBAM’s respect for greek philosophy. And thats just thought, certainly no one tolerates practice.

The biggest Taanos on the Moreh Nevuchim were how he defined HKBH and Olam Habah and similar things, not because he quotes and respects Aristotle. And it’s not just “thought”. If you were familiar with the controversy over the Moreh (and Yesodei Hatorah in the Yad), you would know that the Rambam says that these “thoughts” are far more integral to being a Jew than any actions.