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Happy Go Lucky!!

All kidding aside (who would think we came to this day, where you heard this from me!!), I’ve heard of a special inyan to have fleishigs (at least some serving) at a bris. It is a segulah to instill Yiras Shamayim in the child just brought into the fold of Klal Yisroel.

I could understand it very well myself (not that it needs my understanding at all). We make a seudas mitzvah, a festive meal to celebrate our performing mitzvos. That showing our willingness, eagerness, our enthusiasm at doing HaShem’s commandments. It expresses our joy of the opportunity to do His bidding. So we mark the occasion with an important seudah. Something BIG and special, to make it an event, to show its importance in our lives.

A mere snacking or munching on some crackers won’t do. Neither would a perfunctory milchig thing. The real “thing” is a real seudah with fleishigs.

When we show our children (and ourself) what’s really important in life, the right attitudes, the right hashkafos in life – there’s hope.