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Here’s some background as I understand it. A number of frum young adult males from the Shtachim were arrested in connection to the arson incident that occurred in the Arab town of Duma which resulted in the death and injury of an Arab family, including a baby. Hebrew grafitti left on the wall (with some mispelled words) seemed to implicate Jewish terrorism. Other evidence, however, indicates that this was part of an ongoing Arab family feud – another attack occurred only weeks ago against relatives of this same family. Also, the original home that was burnt down was located in the heart of the village, an unlikely site for a random terror attack. Shabbak (the Israeli equivalent of the FBI) left the investigation of potential arab suspects to the discretion of arab authorities and then proceeded to arrest a number of frum boys/men (don’t know how many or names – this is all under a gag order) on the basis of NO evidence connected to the arson and kept them in undergroung cells, torturing them, burning them, depriving them of legal counsel, depriving them of religious rights, sleep, possibly, as the theory goes,to extract forced confessions so that we can show the world that really we are not morally superior to any else and are equally guilty of terrorism. This whole behind-the-scenes is just coming to light and it’s very ugly, not to mention the suffering of these prisoners, some of them juveniles, and their families. Seems like unfortunately there are Jewish terrorists but they are government employees, and not these poor boys. And yes we need to daven for the hakama of the Medina of Moshiach and Malchus Hashem, B”B.