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this whole article was taken word for word from Ynet’s english page.

I’m sure there was a mistranslation (intensional or not, I do not know) and the takona is probably that girls who are engaged should not wear make-up until their wedding.

none of the snif girls who are not engaged wear make-up on a daily basis (I don’t know if they are not allowed to, or its just not done) but once they are engaged some tend to.

I do not believe there is a single Kalla out there who will not wear makeup on their wedding day… there is a discussion in the gemora as to whether a kalla in the week of sheva brochos who loses a parent may wear make up or not.. surely then at the wedding there is nothing improper with wearing some.

and as for squeak who stated that he/she has been to weddings where 50% of the people wore makeup… yes, those 50% were the men.

unless he/she lives in Pakistan or Afganistan I don’t believe there are any weddings where the kalla will wear no make-up at all.