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Perhaps this was raised already?

The original post here quotes “Moshe whose sister who studies at the seminary”. Since a seminary is named, why couldnt someone fron its hanhala have been quoted or at least asked for an explanation and of they chose not to answer, thats their business, but it can be reported?

Is this a fake seminary with a made up takannah?

The reason given is that girls were taking advantage of a policy that is relaxed “before a girls wedding”. To combat that, a monetary incentive os offered, why not enforce the rule already in place? Perhaps it isnt enforcable? Perhaps it is a takannah that the tzibbur is aino yachol lamod bo? Perhaps the “hetter” to wear makeup is a little ambiguous? With “before wedding” not being clear? Perhaps the seminary should clarify what is permitted before the wedding? Seems reasonable. Offering a financial incentive to follow a policy sounds like a parent who gives up on getting a child to clean their room and offering an ice cream to do so. Is that the chinuch method of this seminary?

This sounds so bizarre, I really think this is made up.