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Eric-55– I agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!! Every Jew a 22 (or better). A Rav once said that every Jew should have two guns. One that you turn in to the government when they collect them (which is against the constitution) and one that you do not.

“For the first time in history a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer…” Guess who said that genius quote? Hitler (YM”S). How did 5,000 SS troops control the entire France? France had lists of everyone who owned a gun and the SS troops got the list and confiscated each one.

Give me a break- BHO CAN CHANGE THE CONSTITUION IF THE DEMS CONTROL CONGRESS. Furthermore, he wants to destroy our economy by making it socialist. No one in their right mind will start a new buisiness or invest in one if they know that a majority of their profits will go to someone else! That is why communism has failed everywhere. You like this idea of income redistribution- go to cuba or china. Russia collapsed partly from this disincentive to work hard. Why should I be a rocket scientist when I can make the same amount for washing windows?

BHO has close ties with terrorists- what about Ayers who said AFTER 9/11 (so dont say BHO was 6 years old…) “I wish I had done more”… refering to his terrorism. What does Obama have to do with Osama? They both have friends who bombed Washington. Ayers is an admitted, unrepentant terrorist! And Obama announced his campaign for Senate from his house (Post 9/11).What about his praising the former PLO spokesman?