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Firstly, the Gedolim all agree that insurance is a MUST! Or else, one leaves his family (himself included), on the yoke of others. Do not be frum on your own, and then throw the yoke of supporting your family on others. They can tell you, have Bitachon, and Hashem will help. But, they will not marry off your children, or pay for major doctor bills. All Gedolim now agree that insurance is a must! If Bitachon means relying fully on Hashem and not doing any hishtadlus, why do Roshei Yeshiva go out collecting for the upkeep of their Yeshivos? They should just say Tehillim!

Getting passports is also a MUST! The Gedolim at the time of WW2 said do not worry, for whatever reasons. We all know the what happened, and the tragic gezeiro that befell Yiden. Yes, we need Berachos and advice from the Gedolim, the only ones who can fathom what is happening currently in this world. But one must also use common sense. Getting a passport is not an act of defiance against any Halacha!

I do not believe anyone asked a gadol, and he ruled – DO NOT MAKE A PASSPORT!

So what is the problem?

Yes, one must be ready to flee any country which is not Eretz Yisroel! We all know the tragedies which are constantly happening to us Jews, and which is GUARANTEED to happen again in the “free world”. We just do not know when.