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Yosi7- you could be right. I am going based on my experience with the YU community, which comes on a pretty consistent basis from my cousins’ world.

Just to put things in perspective, my grandfather refers to R’ Yosher Ber as “the Rov.”

I’ll give you examples of my experiences with people affiliated with YU:

– One of my uncles questioned whether the halacha is that the elbow has to be covered, or whether it’s only the forearm. Many of my aunts don’t cover their elbows and knees (not that that’s limited to the YU community at all).

– My uncle taught Gemara to girls for 30 years.

– My cousin got married on Sunday night, and he danced with his kallah in the women’s section. I could not dance at all by 2nd dance- let’s leave it at that.

– My frummest cousin- a solid Michlalah girl who could pass for a Bais Yaakov girl based on appearance and many hashkafos- gives a chaburah to girls, and went on NCSY kollel.

– All of my cousins are Zionists. They also say a mishebairach for the Israeli army every Shabbos.

Contrast that with yeshivish hashkafos, and you’re left with a big divide. This is my own personal experience with YU, though- from what Yosi7 said, it sounds like I’m not all up-to-date with the place.