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Zahavas Dad: I was going to post something similar to what you wrote.

Joseph: Maybe tochacha is the rule but who said what he was doing required it? Maybe in your personal space you find watching movies an aveira, but others don’t feel that way. I would not doubt this bochur knows the various opinions about movies and he has decided that he is OK, so what would be the point of your tochaha? Impose your own standards (and of similarly minded people) on someone who has chosen differently?

As for Little Froggie, about his going to eretz Yisroel. The sad reality I discovered on my very first trip is that how many locals living in the holy city of Yerushalayim are totally unaffected by its holiness. Some of the things I observed were truly astonishing, so one has to be open to the ruchnius and want it to seep into one’s neshama. Again, knowing nothing about this bochur, your attitude is quite presumptuous. It’s like reading a title of book and without opening it, making conclusions about it.