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DY: All of Orthodoxy is a No True Scotsman. Self-identification doesn’t make you something. It’s not a No True Scotsman argument to say that no white person can be black, as much as they want to identify as black. So they can call themselves Modern Orthodox all they want. That doesn’t make them Orthodox. And that doesn’t mean that others can smear those who actually are Orthodox just because some who call themselves “MO” aren’t actually. Just like there are those who call themselves “Chareidim” who aren’t actually Halacha-observant. That doesn’t mean that all Chareidim are. That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be an Issur Chamur to classify all “Chareidim” as “not-Frum” or “lax in Halacha” or whatever people want to say. Why is it any different with “MO”?