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“If you mean that the Litvaks didn’t become Chasidim, you’re correct. But the Litvish gedolim sit on the same moetzes gedolei haTorah as the Chasidish gedolim and on the same communal organizations”

While the Litvish Gedolim do indeed work together with Chassidish ones in areas where they have they have shared interests, they do not condone Chassidish practices that they have always opposed (practices that follow Kabbala in contraction to Halacha, laxity in zmanim, etc). And indeed, I think that should be a model for how we American Chareidim should relate to the MO; working together in areas of shared interests, while remaining opposed to practices and beliefs that we think are incorrect. (Although admittedly the argument could be made that we have less shared interests with the MO than we do with the Chassidim.)


“I’m not sure that works by a Minhag. If the Minhag wasn’t Nahug, it’s kinda not a Minhag anymore.”

Interesting point. However, I don’t know if we can consider the fact that one particular application of a minhag was not nuhag, arguably bi’taos (according to the Poskim that assur peanuts), as an actual change in the minhag.