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Rarely has any post disturbed me to such an extent.

But I’ll suspend my utter disbelief, and simply make some concise points, which I request Avi K to kindly respond to.

Firstly, as others have said, the State of Israel and the land of Eretz Yisroel are two separate entities, and to speak of one is not necessarily to speak of the other. To refer to the State of Israel is to speak of the government, bureaucracy, administration and all the other components that constitute the State. Eretz Yisroel is the physical land, which has inherent kedusha. The two are not the same, and do not even share the same exact borders. To speak ill of the State, which is not exactly difficult, is not to insult the Land, which is ossur.

Furthermore, The State of Israel, as defined above, does not adhere to halacha to any level that would be acceptable to a frum Jew. There are components of halacha built into the laws of the state, such as with regard to marriage, but these are limited, rarely in proper accordance with halacha, if ever, and are falling away with each passing day. Neither the character nor the laws of the State, taken as a whole, in any way correspond with the Shulchan Aruch. If you knew someone who kept Shabbos, but ate pork and went to church, you would not consider him a practising Jew due to his keeping isolated mitzvos. The same applies to the State, which as an entity plainly doesn’t adhere to halacha.

So, to sum up in a manner that some might find easier to comprehend: The State of Israel is not Eretz Yisroel as defined in halacha. The State of Israel does not adhere to halacha, and, as a whole, it is a secular, often anti-Torah entity.

These points are simple, essentially self-explanatory and should go without saying, but it appears the level of discourse has fallen such that a direct approach may be the only thing the serves any function. Avi K, I await your reply, preferably with as little waffle and as much Yes/No directness as possible.